Urban bee hotelsDes hôtels à abeilles urbains et citoyens

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Utilisés par Jean-Henri Fabre pour observer la reproduction des abeilles maçonnes, les nichoirs à abeilles sont connus de longue date des naturalistes amateurs d’insectes. Ces abris sont aujourd’hui popularisés par les jardiniers pour accueillir les insectes auxiliaires et notamment les … Continue reading

Jars of BorneoLes jarres de Bornéo

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Stoneware jars have been present in Borneo since the 16th century, the oldest examples being of Chinese origin, and the more recent examples being copies of the originals. Initially used within the country in exchange for forestry products by traders, … Continue reading

Dragonflies on the menuDes libellules dans l’assiette

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The consumption of aquatic insects is an underestimate aspect of rice culture societies. The island of Bali in Indonesia is more known for its beautiful landscape of ricefields than for its inhabitants’ entomophagy. Balineses enjoy eating dragonflies (larvae and pupae) … Continue reading

Looking for kroto in JavaÀ la recherche du kroto à Java

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The kroto (Oecophylla smaragdina) in the Malingping area, West-Java, Indonesia : harvesting and commercialization of a significant animal resource. In Indonesia, the collection and commercialization of  non-timber forest products give regular or extra income to the main agricultural activity, rice … Continue reading