Eric Garault
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Of bees, beekeepers and high school students


During the year 2010-2011, I did a scientific residency (called In Situ) in the middle high school Léon-Jouhaux in the city of Livry-Gargan. The project took place with a class of 6th grade students and their Sciences teacher. During my stay, we start a common research on Man and insects relationships in beekeeping activities. The final work [in French] took the shape of a website that can be access at the following address:

The idea of this work was to reveal those relationships through the children thought and their encounters with the beekeepers. Based on repetition, they have tried to bring the beekeepers to wonder about their own knowledge and particices, to drawn their limits, to ask a final question : what is a good beekeeper?

With the pictures of Eric Garault, Anouck Boisrobert and Louis Rigaud competencies, and the suppport of the Seine Saint-Denis Department and F93 cultural foundation.

More pictures on the 2010-211 In Situ residencies can be seen here :

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