Jars of Borneo

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Stoneware jars have been present in Borneo since the 16th century, the oldest examples being of Chinese origin, and the more recent examples being copies of the originals. Initially used within the country in exchange for forestry products by traders, … Continue reading

Javanese posology of antlions

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In Java, stressed urbans used antlion larvaes (Nevroptera, Myrmeleontidae) to prevent and cure the excesses of a hetic urban life. This alternative practice, still marginal, is becoming since a few years more and more popular. PEOPLE WITH ASTHMA AND WITH … Continue reading

The white manna of the Saône River

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While hot days have led to a multiplication of the number of foreign species invasions, emblematic invertebrates of plain rivers, generally known for their proliferation, are disappearing without known cause. The recognition of massive hatchings of mayflies, as well as … Continue reading

Forest products and bride price in Borneo

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Most of the former nomadic Punan of Kalimantan (Borneo) reside along the large rivers of the hinterland. For almost a century in northeastern Kalimantan the increased trade in forest products along the Tubu River, as well as the settling process, … Continue reading