KWANG 2007 (156)
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Thaï Beetle fighting


In 2007, Stéphane Rennesson, Emmanuel Grimaud and I went to the field to study a popular Thai activity : beetle fighting! Indeed, each September, the inhabitants of the Chiang Mai district, fond of games and bets, neglect cock fighting in favor of organized beetle joustings.

Compared with other insects, at 7 centimeters long, a rhino beetle of the genus Xylotrupes is a titan endowed with prodigious strength. A powerful claw, formed by the male beetle’s two black horns, gives him fighting abilities well known in the northern part of Thailand. Official matches take place under hundreds of watchful eyes during an annual festival that is also broadcast on national television. Caught in the wild, the male beetles are carefully selected for their size and horn shape. Then, while pampered, they undergo gladiator training. When the fighting day comes, the beetles are stimulated by the pheromones of two female beetles kept inside a wooden log that is also used as a ring. Each opponent tries to destabilize the other, much like wrestlers do. After several rounds, the fight ends with the utter exhaustion of the defeated beetle.

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